How to install your theme

Installing the Monex theme is a simple process.The theme comes as a bundled zip of sample data, documentation and theme. Make sure you only install the

Check on your WordPress Version

Monex theme uses all the latest WordPress functions, so make sure you the version of your WordPress is upto date before installing the theme files.

Now lets look below on to the two different ways that exist in installing themes.

Actually WordPress allows to install themes in two different ways.

  • Install from Wp-admin
  • Install via FTP

1) Install from Wp-admin

Login to your wp-admin and go to Apperance > Themes. On the top left corner find the “Add New” button.

Click on it to open the theme install page that shows the ” Upload Theme” Button.

Click on the “Upload Theme“. Then click on the “Browse” button that appears in the same place as the “Upload Theme

It opens up a page with the file upload button. Browse through the folders of your local machine to select the theme zip file and click “Install Now” to Install the theme.


On Success install it shows option to “Activate” the theme. Click “Activate” to activate theme. After successful activation the set of plugins that are part of the theme need be installed. but lets learn about it in the next section of this document.


2) Install via FTP

To install Monex via FTP follow the below mentioned steps

  1. Download any FTP client. Filezilla one of the most popular Ftp program can be downloaded for free at
  2. Login to your server on FTP with the host name, username and password.
  3. Unzip the theme folder in your local computer. and upload the entire folder into wp-content/themes folder.
  4. After upload login to admin. Appearance > Themes and activate the theme. Vola you are done!!!.
s6 ftp-upload

Troubleshooting tips

If you happen to jump on an error as “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” it means you have tried to upload the zip along with the sample data and documentation. Make sure you unzip the folder find only the and upload it.